Whether you want to reach an isolated fishing hole, explore new areas, or simply enjoy the challenge of driving a 4x4 on difficult trails, this site is for you.

Professional Driver Training

Do you want to learn Off-Road Driving, Safety, and Recovery skills from a Professional Trainer who knows not just what to teach, but also how to teach it?  As an [ … ]

What do we mean by Back-Road?

The term Back-Road is fairly generic, but for our purposes we are talking about leaving the maintained dirt roads that a honda civic can be driven on (if carefully) and [ … ]

Back-Road 101
Winching Hand Signals

This is a Tri-Fold handout featuring Buddy showing the winching hand signals and including a few tips. Download 3-fold Winching Brochure If you like Buddy be sure to check out [ … ]

Working Load Vs Breaking Strength for recovery equipment

In the world of Professional Rigging the equipment used by Crane Operators has to conform to very strict regulations as to the load an item is rated for.  In the [ … ]

Tow Rope Vs Recovery Strap

Whether it’s a strap, rope, chain or cable, the important differentiation is whether it is for Towing for for Recovery.Tow ropes are designed for pulling a rolling load.  Yes they [ … ]

Water Crossings

Water crossings can be very exciting, however there are important considerations for the safety of you, your vehicle, and the fish.  Environmental ConcernsThe first rule of water crossing is Tread [ … ]


There are very few types of terrain more demanding on vehicles and drivers than rock.   A vehicle that lacks the necessary skid plates and body protection can get torn [ … ]

Crossing Ditches & Berms

Though the famous “Golden Crack” at Moab Utah is an extreme case compared to what most people will encounter, sometimes a bit of exaggeration goes a long way to make [ … ]

Back-Country Communications

Being able to coordinate with other vehicles in your group to give directions, discuss plans, warn of hazards, and generally chit-chat makes an excursion into the backcountry far more enjoyable, [ … ]

Meet Your Rig
DIY Flares

By  David Laferriere          

Is Your Rig Trail Worthy?

Even a vehicle that looks rough and tough may not actually be ready to take onto dirt roads. This isn’t about what tires you have or about doing a quick pre-trip [ … ]

Skid Plates

Sooner or later you are going to drag the underside of your rig on a rock, and when that happens you are going to either be happy you have skid [ … ]

BFG KM3 Review

Over the past 20 years I have owned or driven on every version of BFGoodrich Mud tires, so when I heard that there was an “All New” BFG KM3 coming [ … ]

Spintires MudRunner Game for PC

I never planned to review a video game on this site, however MudRunner is too much fun to not mention.  The basic game simulates operating a fleet of vehicles at [ … ]

ARB Roof Tent

By Lachlan Palmer.The ARB Series III Simpson Roof Tent has been fantastic. At first I was hesitant on the cost, but made a spontaneous purchase regardless. Best decision I’ve made for [ … ]

Arc One JK Bumpers

My first impression when I saw the Arc One bumpers sitting ready for install was “The guy who designed these knows what he is doing”.  The bumpers looks great, the mounting [ … ]

Featured 4x4s
Stump Jumper – Only what you need

There is always a “Bigger is Better” attitude in the world of 4x4s, and as the extreme rigs get crazier there is a tendency for people to think that the [ … ]

Kyle’s “Lucky Goat”

The “Lucky Goat” is a killer customized 94 Suzuki sidekick rolling on 35×12.5″ Goodyear MT tires. The suspension has been lifted and converted from IFS to solid axle with a Trail Slayer [ … ]

Mud Puppy – A Low Budget Cherokee

“Mud Puppy” is a 1991 Jeep Cherokee that I was able to buy cheap due to peeling paint, blown front axle bearings, and seized rear brakes.   The body and [ … ]