Who’s writing this stuff?

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my web site.  I have some reader submitted content, however most of the articles are written by me, Chris Susut

I am an International 4WD Trainers Association Certified Trainer.

I have 20+ years of experience with recreational 4×4 driving. I have been president of a 4×4 club, have written articles for both printed and on-line magazines, and have had a number of 4wd vehicles over my lifetime. At sixteen I got an Early Bronco (which never actually reached the trails due to frame cracks), then had a surprisingly stout little Subaru, followed by a Suzuki SideKick and numerous Jeeps. Most of my Back-Road time has been spent with two Jeep Cherokees and four Jeep TJs.

The vehicle that really got me seriously into off-road driving was this 97 XJ that we bought as a family vehicle.

Wheeling the daily driver wasn't such a great idea, so I bought a 91 XJ and installed a 1.5" lift and 30" BFG MTs

Before long I realized that the XJ would require serious modification to run the trails I wanted to go on, and I was drooling over the idea of running without top or doors in the summer, so in 2000 I sold the red XJ and picked up a TJ.  It was a Sport model, but the idea of a TJ Sport seemed a bit oxymoronic to me, so I replaced the Sport badge with one of my own creation - Rubicon (Three years before Jeep started the Rubicon package).

And then Jeep brought out the Rubicon package, so I traded in for one and moved over all my accessories. Sadly when it was less than 2 years old it took off on it's own and rolled due to a defective parking pawl.

After the Rubicon rolled I couldn't afford to replace it, so I picked up another 91 XJ and immediately set to work modifying it.

Remarrying into a combined family didn't leave a lot of time for wheeling, so I sold the XJ and was between Jeeps for a while, then after a few years my wife bought my this 97 TJ as an anniversary present.

And that brings us up to the current Jeep.  When this 2004 Rubicon came up for sale in the fall of 2018 I couldn't resist the chance to get my all time favorite Jeep, so I sold the 97 and grabbed it.