Spintires MudRunner Game for PC

I never planned to review a video game on this site, however MudRunner is too much fun to not mention. 

The basic game simulates operating a fleet of vehicles at a logging camp in Russia.  You are given challenges like exploration, delivering logs to a sawmill, and recovering stuck vehicles.  On a console such as a PS4 or Xbox the game ends there, however on a PC you have the ability to install "Mods" that allow you to add more maps and vehicles.  That's where the real fun begins. 

In a typical Mod game I loaded a map intended for open exploration and chose some of my favorite vehicles to drive around - A Jeep TJ, a Jeep XJ, and a Rock Buggy.   After a bit of rock crawling in the TJ I dropped a tire into a hole while driving downhill and rolled it.   No problem, I just switched to my XJ and brought it in to winch the TJ back onto it's wheels.

With the TJ is back on it's wheels and ready to go I connected a tow strap between the trucks using the "Drive" function in the winch menu.....  

....but I turned too close around a tree and got the XJ stuck, then flopped it while trying to get it back onto the trail.    Then to really finish the job off right I flopped the TJ while trying to recover the XJ.    NEXT! 

Out comes the rock buggy  to save the day.   

Unfortunately I rolled the XJ right on top of the buggy, but when I realized the buggy would still drive that way I just put it in low and carried the XJ back to the garage.   

More a fan of bogging than crawling?  No problem.  The list of Trucks includes everything from a C10 Chevy on 44s to this 6x6 H2 Hummer. 

Rather be racing a super twitchy V8 Dune buggy ?  Sure thing. 

Rock Buggies on a comp course to your liking?  You can do that too.

Having a free-roam environment that can be modified means that new maps and vehicles are being added all the time, and if you are really enthusiastic you can download the map editor and build your own playground.   All in all I would definitely recommend the game to the 4x4 community, with the qualifications of  getting the PC version and using a Xbox or PS4 style controller to do the driving.