Smittybilt Element Traction Ramps

Review by Rocky Mountain Rescue

Rocky Mountain Rescue endorses and fully trusts these Smittybilt All Elements Traction Boards. Our test with these was to get fully stuck in 2wd to simulate a situation where mechanical issues eliminate the options of using 4wd or winching. Our only hope was the ramps and they did not disappoint. There are, however, a few tricks to using these things. You MUST shovel out in front of the tires so the ramps fit 3 inches under the tires or your tires will not be able to grip the ramps.  YOU MUST HAVE NO WHEEL SPIN AT ALL or you will both go nowhere and will tear up the boards.  I used left foot braking and rapid use of my park brake to control wheelspin and I walked right out in 2wd!