Professional Driver Training

Do you want to learn Off-Road Driving, Safety, and Recovery skills from a Professional Trainer who knows not just what to teach, but also how to teach it?  As an I4WDTA Certified Trainer that is what I offer.

Traditionally drivers learned to off road by just getting out there and doing it. That’s what me and my friends did back in the day, and it was usually fun, however we occasionally got in over our heads and put ourselves and our vehicles at risk.  Fortunately none of us got hurt, however taking some formal training from a qualified instructor would actually have saved us money compared to the repair bills caused by needless mistakes.

Wanting to help others have a great off-road experience and avoid these mistakes is what inspired me to create my website www.BC4wd.CA and to become a certified Off Road Trainer through one of the most demanding and prestigious organizations in the world, the International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association (I4WDTA).  www.BC4wd.CA/i4wdta-certification/

In partnership with the 4wd Association of BC (www.4wdABC.ca) I offer private, group, and corporate lessons on topics that include:

  • Introduction to Off-Roading:  The fundamentals of off-roading. Pre-trip inspection, 4x4 vehicle basics, trail etiquette, driving basics, spotting, and simple recoveries.
  • Introduction to Off-Road Driving Skills: Various terrain including hills, mud, rocks, off-camber, etc.
  • Intermediate Off-Road Driving Skills: Better have skid plates, we are headed to larger rocks, steeper hills, and tighter trails.
  • Recovery Basics: Introduction to recovery equipment, with a focus on safety.  Topics include Stuck Assessment, Recovery strap use, Hi-Lift Jack use, Hand Winching, Traction Boards, and more.
  • Winch Recovery: Learn to winch safely effectively.  Various scenarios including single and double line pulls, redirect pulls, and more.
  • Advanced Recovery Techniques (coming soon): Serious Stucks. Multiple redirects, multiple vehicles, winching backwards with a front mounted winch, righting a flipped truck, getting a waterlogged truck running, and more.

In all these courses you will be hands-on, practicing the techniques you are being taught as you are being taught them.


All courses are a single day, typically around 6 hours of instruction plus orientation and wrap-up.   Corporate training sessions will also include ongoing performance evaluations and a written test at the end.  Courses can be combined for multi-day training sessions.

For more information email me at