Back-Road 101Before You Go


It's time to hit the trails!! Your rig is safe and reliable, you have tow points and a radio, you have the equipment you need, and you have the right clothes and personal supplies. Now let's check things over before you go.

The first thing you need to do is inform your family or other emergency contact where you are going and when you will be back.   Ideally leave them a map with GPS coordinates.   If your plans change do your absolute best to inform them of the changes, even if it means a detour to a spot where you can get cell service.  Recently some hunters worried their family and started a huge search when they didn't show up at the cabin they said they were going to.  Three days later they drove into town and were surprised to find they were considered missing.

Next it's time to give your rig a once-over, just be be sure nothing has recently gone wrong.  Go back the article is your Rig Trail Worthy and give everything a quick check. 

Have you used or removed anything from the equipment you pack?  

Double check your radio, winch controller, and anything else that is electrical or needs batteries. 

Have you taken and/or packed medications you or your passengers need?

All good?  Then go have fun!

Is Your Rig Trail Worthy?

Tow Points

Equipment List

Preparing Yourself