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Kyle’s “Lucky Goat”

The "Lucky Goat" is a killer customized 94 Suzuki sidekick rolling on 35x12.5" Goodyear MT tires.
The suspension has been lifted and converted from IFS to solid axle with a Trail Slayer kit and axles that came from a 83 toyota mini truck.  The axles were upgraded with heavy duty internals and 5:29 gears plus a traditional locker in the front axle and  a TRD electric locker in the rear.  
The power now comes from a Volkswagen 1.9 turbo diesel engine attached to a rebuilt sidekick transmission and a twin stick transfer case with custom slip yoke eliminators.
Check out the  the Suzuki logos in the front bumper that double as fog light openings.  The bumper also carries a 12,000 lb winch with synthetic rope that will pull the Goat out of anything.  Custom Rock sliders protect the body and a roll cage is coming soon just in case Kyle fails to keep the shiney side up. 
Suzukis are popular trail rigs due to their tough full-frame design and their maneuverability. Plus they tend to be far less expensive than Jeep Wranglers.   While most people won't modify their rigs to the extent that Kyle has, it's not that hard do, it just requires a lot of planning and a bit of welding.