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Kenyon Lake

Kenyon Lake is accessed via the Lost Creek forest service road, which begins directly at the end of Sylvester Road in Mission. 

Under most weather conditions (except snow) the road as far as the last couple of hundred feet of trail down to the lake is considered "Stock Capable", which means that any SUV or truck with 4wd should be able to make the trip as long as you take it slow and careful and use spotters on harder sections.  The most difficult part of the Stock Capable section is the the last couple of kilometers where the surface of the road has eroded down to small boulders with occasional rock slabs.  Trucks with tires 30" tall or less should expect to occasionally drag their differentials or (for IFS) suspension crossmember, but if you go slow you shouldn't hit hard enough to do any damage. 

When you reach the turn from the FSR down to the lake stock trucks should be parked at the top, especially if the trail is wet.   It only takes a minute to walk down to the lake.