I4WDTA Certification

I am now an International 4WD Trainers Association  Certified Trainer

In order to achieve certification I took a five day course, studied for months, and then spent five days doing intensive hands-on and written testing covering topics including ability to educate effectively, vehicle knowledge, recovery scenarios, driving and spotting skills, and environmental awareness.  Most of the people who attempt the certification process have, like me, decades of wheeling experience yet there is still only a 30% pass rate.

For more information on the I4WDTA check out their website:


In partnership with the 4wd Association of BC I now offer Group Lessons, Private Lessons, and Corporate Lessons covering topics such as driving skills, safe vehicle recovery, and back-country preparedness.   for more information check out http://bc4wd.ca/professional-driver-training/

For more information about the I4WDTA check out their website: