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Do I need taller tires?

This is one of those cases where if you need to ask the question, the answer is probably no.
A tire that is one inch larger will only actually increase your ground clearance by 1/2 inch, since half of the increased size is above the mid-point, and the other half is below. This means that to get any noticeable difference you really need to increase your tire size by two inches. Now you are potentially into issues of fender clearance, turning radius, loss of power, worse braking, and worse high-speed handling. All those issues can be addressed, but some good information, driving practice, and some easy modifications may delay or even eliminate the need for taller tires. Personally I spent years driving near-stocks rigs on trails that people said needed larger tires, and I rarely had more problems than rigs with tires 2 to 3 inches larger than mine.
The other factor for putting off adding a lift and big tires on your rig is that if your rig is more capable than you are it’s not going to have problems until you are beyond your ability to safely deal with them. Run what you brung and learn to drive it well. When your driving skills can take you places that your rig can’t support, then it’s time to consider how much lift and what size tires you need to take on the next set of challenges.