Backroad Mapbooks

I have been using Backroad Mapbooks for so long I honestly couldn't tell you when I got my first one.  I can tell you it had a yellow cover and that it was used so much that the pages became unreadable from notes, grease stains, and dirty fingerprints.  The new version (currently 4th edition) has all the same great maps that Back-Road explorers have come to love, plus Community Profiles and expanded "Adventure" sections covering driving, fishing, hunting, paddling, parks, rec sites, hiking, ATVs, snowmobiling, wildlife watching, and winter sports. 

Back roads are constantly changing due to logging, washouts, closures, reclamation, private property gates, and a host of other factors.  The Mapbooks are very good, however never take any map as absolute fact. Plan your day (especially fuel usage and time to sundown) as if the road you want to travel on could end at any time.

Descriptions of Points of Interest in the Adventures section are great for planning both day trips and full vacations. You may be surprised at how many places to go and things to do there are that you had no idea existed. 

If you want the ultimate in convenience you can purchase a digital version of the Backroad Mapbooks that can load straight into your GPS.  You can also install their App onto your cell phone on a monthly subscription basis (requires a data plan).   Both include points of interest, hiking, paddling and motorized routes, and a host of additional features. 

For more information on Backroad Mapbooks check out their website.