Arc One JK Bumpers

My first impression when I saw the Arc One bumpers sitting ready for install was "The guy who designed these knows what he is doing".  The bumpers looks great, the mounting points are solid, there is gusseting where it is needed, and the winch sits down as low as possible.  

As you can see the winch sits below the grill so it doesn't affect cooling.

The bumper is aligned with the edge of the fender so it will line up nicely with most aftermarket "flat fender" flares
The guys at Arc One really did a great job of matching the bumper to the lines of the Jeep

The recovery points are solid steel bar, and the angles really suit the look of the JK 
Front recovery points are plug welded to the mounting plate, and the area is well boxed and gusseted
Both bumpers look like they should be a dealer option, but Jeep factory accessories are never this tough.  

The rear bumper also lines up with the trailing edge of the flare

Though I haven't tested it, it appears that a 35" tire would just fit.  This is a 33". 
The rear recovery points are also made from solid steel bar and are welded front and rear
The rear recovery point is also the bumper mount, ensuring minimal strain on the bumper itself.

My only negative critique of the bumpers is that because the parts are plasma cut rather than laser cut some of the edges are rougher than you would see on some more expensive bumpers.  That said, these are prototypes and Mike at Arc One assures me that production bumpers will have smoother edges in all visible locations like the gussets for the front bar. 

* Note that the trailer hitch shown in the photos is a factory Jeep option and is not part of the bumper.